I am specialized in the development of brands, packaging and labels. My passion for art began as a child and grew with the years, taking it to another level after my bachelor degree on graphic arts.


For me, create a design, rather than placing visual elements at random, is a structured creative process that uses balance and functionality according to the concept of the customer and its product.


I started designing in the cigar industry in 2005 and in 2014 I started a cooperation alliance with Vrijdag Premium Printing the most prestigious company in the production of packaging and labels, established in The Netherlands since 1905.


Juan Carlos Fondeur

Graphic Designer


What I do

Having experience with customers around the world, JCFondeur will work with you to plan, design and produce the perfect packaging and label for your product.


I have a vast experience designing boxes and labels, from classic to modern styles with high-end materials and executions.


Design for cigar bands, wrap set for wooden boxes, rigid or flexible cardboard boxes, samplers and more.




Wet glue labels and cardboard boxes for bottles.





Special boxes and labels for high-end cosmetics and fragrances.





Special boxes for accessories like watches, jewelry, and pens.





CHOCOLATE and more

Designs of special packaging for chocolate, bonbons, coffee, tea and much more.

Santiago de los Caballeros

Dominican Republic

P. 849-848-8000

e. hola@jcfondeur.com


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